Ready Up


UI/UX, Wireframing






In my design drawing class, I was tasked with creating wireframes, UI, and a brand image for an app that solves a problem. Given my interest in Valorant and Riot games and my personal experiences playing video games, I decided to tackle the issue of finding people to queue with. After initial success at a hand drawn level, I turned the assignment into a passion project and further explored through Figma wireframes and an in-depth look at user journeys.


Customer Problem

For anyone playing multi-player games, so much of your game experience is tied to the people you play with. With a randomized match-making system, there's a significant risk of encountering toxicity, varying skill levels, or, a level of social interaction that doesn't meet expectations.


See the interactive wireframes below.


1. Outline User Groups
2. Interview Each User Group
3. Translate Needs Into Features
4. Iterate Alongside Users

Step 1: Outline User Groups

By conducting customer discovery interviews, I was able to identify three specific user groups: 

Competitive Gamers
Casual Gamers
New Gamers


Evolving Ready Up from a simple design sketch to an elaborate wireframe became a passion project, significantly enhancing my design and technical skills.


My introduction to implementing interactive components in Figma—particularly nested components for the profile page carousel—was a complex yet enlightening aspect of the tool's functionality.

Prototype Animation

Animating in Figma also presented a novel challenge, diverging from my prior animation experiences.

Customer Journey Analysis

The project deepened my journey-mapping skills, revealing intersecting solutions across diverse user needs. I’m interested in collecting and testing frameworks for CJA in future developments. I would also further consider how to manage diverging customer journeys, particularly with the user group of competitive gamers, as some people may want to play with smurfs. It would also be interesting to consider other ways to showcase personality for users who may wish to remain more anonymous and not link clips/socials.

Responsive Design

I aim to focus on responsive design to ensure fluid user experiences across all screen types.