Fins & Feathers


Illustration, Animation






"Fins and Feathers," my first real dive into animation, was an exploration of the color theory concept known as simultaneous contrast. My partner, Sabrina Copeland, also an Interaction Design (IXD) major, and I were tasked with the challenge of showcasing how a single color can appear differently when set against various backgrounds. We chose to illustrate this through the captivating narrative of parallel worlds.

Concept & Inspiration

Inspired by the intriguing concept of parallel worlds, we brought to life two characters: Terrance, a fish, and Clarence, a bird. Both characters shared the same color and similar forms, but were distinctively set against contrasting backgrounds. Throughout the process of bringing these creatures to life, we paid careful attention to their flowing, yet simple forms. Each color also had to be carefully chosen to best display simultaneous contrast, pushing us to employ a more desaturated palette for best results.


Throughout the video, Terrance and Clarence's journeys unfold in their respective worlds. The fish swims through a vibrant underwater realm, while the bird soars across a vividly different sky. Despite their shared hue, the shifting backgrounds create a unique perception of their colors. The climax of our story is the momentous meeting of Terrance and Clarence, revealing that they were, in fact, the same color all along. Their adventures are set to a soundtrack curated from clips of fellow UW student, Carly Miller, playing the harp. Through motion, color, and sound, we hoped to bring the viewers on a short journey through the mirror worlds of our two little friends.

Outcomes & Recognition

Our project was a delightful venture into the realm of color perception, blending storytelling with a fundamental design principle. We were thrilled to see our work resonating so well with our peers and instructors, as the video was honored with the 'Best Motion' award at our class's Albers Film Festival. This accolade is not only a testament to our dedication to the craft but also an encouragement to continue exploring the intersection of design and storytelling.